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  • What is selling on provides the widest platform for exporters resident in Canada and elsewhere in the world to reach customers from diverse backgrounds without limits to finished products and services.

  • What qualifies as a product and/or finished good or service?

    Only products or goods from original equipment manufacturer(s) as well as services provided by authorized agents of such service providers are allowed to trade and being sold on

  • Does accept nude, pornographic or lewd content or service(s)?

    Absolutely not!!! upholds the highest form of moral, ethical and cultural values for all its traders and employees and would not denigrate or reduce such values at any time throughout its business cycle.

  • What are the specific items or details of what I can sell on welcomes trades on products ranging from heavy machinery to household items including but not limited to motor and electric vehicles, agricultural machinery, wholesale food products, household electrical appliances, educational and instructional materials, sports equipment, clothing and fashion, virtual and physical games with consoles, household pets and animals as well as fast motorcycles. The platform offers services for job ads and a market for real estate.

  • Can I showcase my products in all categories? accepts all items that are eligible in the product categories listed on its platform without bias to origin but have passed the necessary screening conditions listed by the regulating agencies.

  • How do I open a new listing account?

    Each Seller is able to create an account on the platform using the self-registration process on the homepage.The registration would require the provision of a valid mailing/contact address, direct telephone/fax/telex/lines, internet email account as well as list of contact persons and contact details.

  • What is the TraderAds Premium Services?

    The opportunity to sell on the offers dealers or sellers or traders the opportunity to reach consumers within the U.S, Europe, China,UAE,Mexico and Sub-Saharan Africa at the click of the button when they sign up for our Premium Services. The Premium Services also provides a special advisory service between buyer and seller to eliminate delays in shipment and receipt of purchased goods at no extra cost to the buyer.

  • Can I operate more than one trading account?

    Each trading account is opened and matched to a specific category for ease of administration and logging of sales trades. This helps us to manage traffic from buyers and reduce time spent on claims resolution.

  • How long can I keep my account? operates an active account policy without interruptions for now. However this is subject to review on an annual basis.

  • What currency of trade is accepted with accepts global currencies like the USD, EUR, Sterling,Yang and the CAD without bias. All markets are monitored and updated to ensure the best buying experience as well as satisfactory revenue for traders.

  • How do I buy a product from provides an easy, scalable and ready-to-go platform for any buyer using any mobile device to search for a product in any category, review product location and price, send and receive feedback within set timelines by the also carries out log reviews of these ‘waiting times’ to improve on the best customer experience for both buyers and sellers.

  • Does operate an independent claims resolution desk?

    Our traders and customers are our greatest assets and ensuring a smooth working relationship between all stakeholders is our top priority hence our operation of a ‘trader-customer care resolution desk’ to resolve any conflict in addition to any external arbitration engaged by the trader.

  • Are payments for products, goods and services accepted upon delivery?

    Payments are made before shipment of delivery of products, goods or services.

  • Are products and/or goods delivered by the Seller/Trader?

    The responsibility to deliver goods and/or services lies primarily with the Seller/Trader and would almost always have a tracking code to ensure goods are received within the agreed time.

  • How does a customer process a refund for goods or products delayed or past the agreed delivery date or has suffered material damage? operates a ‘refund back’ platform for goods and/or products that may suffer material damage upon delivery to the end-user accompanied with a complaint form (obtained from the website) sent and acknowledged by the seller/trader for ease of tracking and resolution. Also, the complaint form would assist track poorly delivered products and/or goods.

  • Can I leave a feedback on accepts feedback from our stakeholders to enable us improve our services.

  • Does operate 24/7 throughout the Year? sites are open 24/7 whilst offices are opened from 8am-5pm EST Mondays to Saturdays except on Bank holidays and any other public declared holiday. However, Traders on our Premium Services will continue to receive off-site attention during such days.

  • How does ensure traffic on the website? with its service partners have set goals towards ensuring that its presence is in established and emerging marketplaces with an eye on the various consumer products on sale off and on relevant seasons. We would encourage traders by posting categories with the growing population of traffic as well as providing ‘rewards’ (see Billing Policy and Posting Ads).

  • Does regulate prices and fees? does not influence the prices and/or fees charged by traders but would abide by its Privacy Policy in the administration of the trading platform. Only prices and/or fees as required by the host would continue to apply without arbitrary changes unless after advisement to traders with defined timeframes.

  • Does provide support to traders and/or customers?

    Every visitor and /or user of the platform can access information on all the categories available and can inquire at for a guide on best ads and buys.