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Enter New Markets

Expand with Ease (Foreign Market Placement)

Entering a New Foreign Market is never an easy prospect, especially in emerging countries and economies with a various deterring factor. Even so, with the businesses and traders gained from these emerging economies eager to sell their wares and raw materials in Canada and the United States of America, in the bid to boost revenue. Invariably, businesses grow when they sell more of their products regardless of geolocation.

Does selling in a new market sound like something your business has considered or a challenge your organization is currently grappling with? Are you interested in selling your products to a wider audience and market overseas? Depending on your product line and capacity, CANASEI can provide your business that access.


Connect with Global Traders

CANASEI connects traders bearing such New Market Entry difficulties and deploys its resources across several international markets to help our clients distribute their products in other markets. This is our Foreign Market Placement (FMP) solution.


Our reach for product positioning comprehensively covers Canada, USA, Western Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Our relationship with proficient business consultants, market researchers, wholesalers and custom brokers/agents spread across several regions we conduct business would ensure due diligence is conducted on prospect, a market survey report produced to fully analyze and justify the existence of a market for your product(s) and a channel also to assure product entry through the ports.


Full Service Logistics Management

Whilst we understand the difficulties in making an entry into New Markets, the CANASEI approach and resource is designed to lessen the burden on our clients in the daunting task of locating and positioning of your product in international markets. We free up your production time as we organize your business, logistics, marketing and sales in the New Market.

For further details on CANASEI New Market Entry Solutions, please Contact us

Choose the best subscription for you

CANASEI ad subscriptions are tailored to fit sellers of a classes. Whether you are an individual starting a small distribution business, a wholesaler, or manufacturer seeking new markets or a business that needs to showcase a collection of wares, we got you covered. For a small flat listing fee, you will be able to go beyond our positing limits and reach out to a wider audience every single day.
Our subscriptions allow for longer ad validity (30-60 days). Post as many as 60 ads, bump up and feature ads as you want to increase your sales traffic locally and overseas.
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3)Post Your Ad Under Several Categories


  • Validity: 40 Days
  • Simple Ads: 3
  • Featured Ads: 5
  • Bump-up Ads: 2
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  • Validity: 60 Days
  • Simple Ads: 50
  • Featured Ads: 15
  • Bump-up Ads: 10
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