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Brokerage Services

Premium Brokerage Services

Our Premium Brokerage Service is designed to fully assist buyers in negotiating and securing the best deals available when they make purchases through the CANASEI platform.

We do well to leverage our relationship with listed sellers to ensure buyers are given any and all possible discounts associated with that purchase, lowest prices feasible, and tax exclusions wherever applicable.

CANASEI has a team of experts on hand 24/7 to assist you in making whatever trade arrangements and can close most deals within 48hours.

  • B2B Trade Negotiations & Agreements

  • Supplier/Buyer Validation

  • Final Purchase

  • Financing Arrangements

  • Contracting Arrangements

  • Logistics & Shipping Arrangements

  • Warehousing Arrangements

We facilitate the following services above and more. Please contact us for more information regarding our services.

If you are interested in purchasing a product from a listed vendor on the CANASEI platform and not sure how to go about making a purchase, paying for your order or would prefer a final physical assessment of your merchandise before payment, packaging and shipment, we can definitely help.

For our Premium Brokerage Services, please email

Choose the best subscription for you

CANASEI ad subscriptions are tailored to fit all classes of sellers. Whether you are an individual starting a small distribution business, a wholesaler or manufacturer seeking new markets or a business that needs to showcase a collection of wares, we got you covered. For a small flat listing fee, you will be able to go beyond our positing limits and reach out to a wider audience every single day.
Our subscriptions allow for longer ad validity (30-60 days). Post as many as 60 ads, bump up and feature ads as you want to increase your sales traffic locally and overseas.


  • Validity: 40 Days
  • Simple Ads: 3
  • Featured Ads: 5
  • Bump-up Ads: 2
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  • Validity: 60 Days
  • Simple Ads: 50
  • Featured Ads: 15
  • Bump-up Ads: 10
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